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Come on in and find out some really neat stuff. Part of the line of police that protect us, reserve and auxiliary law enforcement officers are some quarter of a million men and women who assist the 700,000 full-time law enforcers. Known variously as reserve, auxiliary, special, supernumerary, and other titles, their training, certifications, and duties as volunteer or part-time protectors of their communities vary as much as the locations in which they serve.

Policing Excellence and Challenge

Congratulations on meeting the challenge and taking a step towards policing excellence. If youre just exploring career options in law enforcement, honing your skills as currently serving reserve/auxiliary officer or deputy sheriff, or leading a reserve unit as a veteran reservist, youve come to the right place.

PoliceReserveOfficer.com was created by me, Dr. Richard Weinblatt. Known as The Cop Doc, I am a police expert and I have experienced all facets of the reserve world. That includes serving as a police chief starting and running a reserve unit, as a full-time reserve liaison officer, as a reserve administrator, as a reserve officer, as a police academy director and instructor training full-timers and reserves, and finally as a book and article writer on the topic. You can find out more at PoliceReserveOfficer.com or at TheCopDoc.com (also known as PoliceExpert.Info).

What I bring to you via this law enforcement website is my personal committment to providing you with the best information and resources on becoming, operating as, or managing a professional police reserve officer. Ive personally lived all of those positions and Im here to help you with my knowledge, training, and experience.

Police Careers, Training, and More

Within PoliceReserveOfficer.com, youll find information on all aspects of non-full-time policing. Whether you are a police chief or sheriff, reserve liaison officer, reserve administrator, reserve police officer or deputy sheriff, or an aspiring police reserve officer, this website is for you.

Police reserve officers bravely go into the darkness where others fear to tread.

The topics include entrance standards, recruiting practices, training and certification requirements, state specific mandates, duties, policies, and more.

PoliceReserveOfficer.com is your source for information on all things concerning reserve and auxiliary law enforcement. Give us feedback. Were here to serve you.

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